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a new way to play


Why should I sign Up my kid for Sparkiverse esports?


Nothing engages kids quite like eSports. You can hear their excitement when they are playing. And you can see their concentration when they are learning by watching the pros. How do we take this level of engagement and turn it into a point of growth for children?


At Sparkiverse, we know what it takes to create a healthy tech experience for both girls and boys. With thousands of students in our STEM enrichment classes, we’ve mastered the right mixture of collaboration, challenge, and healthy competition. Now, we’ve taken that knowledge and created the ultimate eSports experience where gamers build virtual skills with real-world friends and grow real-world skills that parents will see virtually everywhere.


Because our gamers take it seriously. But this fun needs to be within a league structure that's tried and true. At Sparkiverse eSports League, players, parents, and coaches come together to focus on goals, enhance teamwork, and celebrate progress - in the same context as traditional sports.

Practice. Compete. Repeat.


Video games are no longer just a cure for boredom. When our children play, it's about more than just the game itself. They are opening their minds in new worlds, and to the different experiences within our world. They are gaming for a cause. And many are building futures and even earning scholarships!



Cooperate Online and Offline | Level Up Your Skills | Epic Wins with Friends | Engagement Like No Other


How it works

We’ve outfitted our Gaming Lab in Mountain View with everything your player needs. Just show up and have fun!


Just like all sports, players are organized into teams and receive a jersey with their team names and logos.


Our Gamer-Coaches are excited to help the next generation level up and share their love of eSports! Friend us on PS4 to play -- “ScienceNotMagic” & "thetoastwasburnt"


Like other sports, there are practices, games, and tournaments. Plan for a 1.5 hour team practice on weekday nights.


Games are held on the weekends - conveniently scheduled later on Saturdays to fit within other sports schedules. Parents can watch their gamers live and up close -- either in our Gaming Lab or via a live stream at home.


Held during the last few weeks of season, gamers compete to see which team will be the champion of our inaugural Season 1


We also hold clinics and tournaments featuring many different games, including Overwatch, Rocket League, Fortnite, and more!

other events

Season 1: overwatch

sept 17th - nov 17th (9 weeks | 22.5 hours)


  • Late August, early September

  • Play on team at our lab against other players online

  • Assessment in three areas: Skill, Strategy, and Being a Team Player

Team Assignments

  • Teams will be determined by coaches to draft balanced teams and create a season of fun competitive gameplay.

Player Accounts

  • Temporary gaming accounts will be assigned for any players who do not have their own account.

  • Gamers who wish to use their own personal account must submit their username to be screened for appropriateness and sportsmanship. To keep gameplay watchable and amicable, gamers using their own account cannot use unlocked skins, emotes, sprays, or voice lines.

Our promise to you:

We will respect our gamers' privacy and never collect or sell their data.

We will provide up-front pricing with no hidden fees.

We will support our gamers in all aspects of their growth -- from winning to losing and everything in between.